Martins Ojieh

Martins Ojieh

Born in 3rd July, he is the Director of Finance/ Social Responsibilities and the Executive Secretary of Comark Comedy. Martins is a Nigerian Philanthropist who emerged as a motion-picture in script writing, producer and his innovative participation in talent development. on the 2nd of march Martins became the Assistant Head of media and publicity in Royal Race Walk Foundation.

He is the president/founder of Martins Dole Foundation popularly known as the MD Foundation. Martins is known for his endearing sincerity, His discoveries specially in comedy style have contributed immensely to the life of youth and development

Ralph Nchita

is born on 25th May 1982. he is anative of Ikwo L.G.A in Ebonyi state, Nigeria.He is a co-founder and executive director on media and publicity in Comark Comedy. He is also assitance head of mobilization in Royal Racewalk foundation. Ralph Nchita is a C.E.O Bounches oil/Gas and properties. Ralph Nchita worked with Reemaco Int’l Commercial Broker (LLC) Dubia, United Arab Emirate as Assitance operation manager from 2007-2009. I’m ambitious young man who has developed a matured and a responsible approach to any task, I’m ecellence in working with others to arhieve a certain task on time.

Amicable Christopher

Amb, Amicable Christopher is born on 6th July 1992, he is a native of Ibiono Ewuro in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria.he is a founder /general executive director of Comark Comey, a story developer, a script wtiter and a director. He is also the president of Life Revolution movement a platform to raise generational pathfinder and role models globally and talents development ministry. he is youths role model,motivational and inspirational teacher, an author , he is the author of more than three hundred 300 quotes includes “Marriage without love is like a building without a foundation, love is God and God is love and love is the foundation of every creation”. “When there is no savings, there is no future because it’s your saving that secure your desire future”, “All you need to become who you want to be lies within you”.